CommunityThere are several options for people searching for Denver coworking space. There are spaces for tech startups, green entrepreneurs, fine artist, but we are the only one with an energy and vibe created by and for remote workers. Over 70% of our Denver community are remote workers or freelancers that moved to Denver in the last 5 years and looking for that Cheers feeling (ya know, where everyone knows your name). Why? Because you’ll get a lot of work done and meet a lot of smart and friendly people that will likely become your latest friends. It’s that simple.

Remote workers are not written about in the press very often compared to the sexy technology startups that dominate the headlines. That’s okay. Teleworkers, remotes, nomads, are a growing and more subtle group in our expanding city and we have become their favorite coworking gathering spot. It makes sense to why remote workers are growing in Denver (yes it also a national trend) but it’s simply because people love their old job but wanted to move here. Companies are more flexible than ever before and remote working allows people to move to Denver getting to live where they want to live but work from whom they want to with.

So what makes Creative Density so remote worker friendly?

Creative Density isn’t special because of the elaborate amenities of a kegerator, yoga studio, or valet parking. We have an awesome community to spend time with, comfy chairs, great local coffee, and easy parking for cars or bikes. We also have a variety of rooms so a diverse group of working types can enjoy the space without disturbing others.  Whether you want a heads down quiet space, music playing louder area, sunny patios, or an isolated telephone room we have you covered.

Katherine is on the right. Go Creative Deflaters!However, the most important thing is still the community. We go out to lunch together, play a lot of yard games when someone needs a 10 minute break after a conference call, and we make the daily routine enjoyable. People that have just moved to Denver not knowing anyone get folded right in just as they would at any great office. It’s a special place for remote workers and we love it.

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