Member Minute: Graham Johnstone

Graham Johnstone is a videographer and audio guy for Black Dove Studio and specializes in business profile and commercials. Watch the video to learn how he uses video to help business interact with customers and where it he sees its uses in the future.

Top 5 coworking articles in October

October wasn’t a scary month for coworking. Here are my top 5 coworking articles written in October from members of the coworking movement across the world. Coworking at public libraries – PC World The public library is changing with the digitization of...

Top 5 Coworking Articles/Blogs/Pros for September

As the coworking movement grows I want to capture the best and most moving writings of coworking in any given month. Here are the insights of coworking that September left us. Three in One Hundred Freelancers Cowork – Deskmag In celebration of International...

Our New Creative Density Video

Coworking is about the people and our new video puts the focus on the members here. If you are curious to what coworking is and what makes coworking here special than check out the video to find out. The video was produced by our member Black Dove Studios Special...

Coworking is discussed at TEDxSoMa

Alex Hill, of IndyHall in Philadelphia, speaks at TEDxSoMa about coworking and finding your tribe. The story of him wanting to be among other smart and interesting people in his home city is the spark that leads many to joining coworking communities.